Workshop ELEPHANT (in Greek)


Reflecting on creativity in teaching and learning science & mathematics in preschool


Stella Antonakopoulou,
13th Kindergarten of Rethymno

Maria Spatoula and Katerina Krokou, 
Elinogermaniki Agogi, Greece

An important part of the Creative Little Scientists project was dedicated to reveal the potential for creativity and the role of inquiry in the current classroom realities of preschool and first years of primary science and mathematics education. To achieve this, researchers carried out fieldwork in preschools and primary schools across the nine participating countries. The resulting research report includes a selection of exemplary episodes of learning and teaching from each partner country illustrating the variety of approaches observed and the possibilities identified for creativity in early science and mathematics.

The workshop will allow participants to engage with three of these exemplary episodes from both the teachers’ as well as the researchers’ perspective. Three Greek preschool teachers who took part in the fieldwork will act out these episodes while researchers will present the project’s viewpoint of them. The aim of the workshop is to bring out the potential for creativity in day-to-day early years classroom practice of science and mathematics education, as well as display some of the benefits of teachers’ participation in educational research.